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Bio data for Marriage has few important ingredients, all put together in an Paper.

There are different types of families in India so different Profile is needed.
Initially we talking about only professional and business/industrialist families

a). Professional Families

Professional families refers those where the ward is professional and father is also a professional or ward is from bureaucratic family.

In above case we can put all information in one page.. you need not have to give all relatives cousins. example

Date of Birth
Time of Birth
Job or Profession,
Grandfather’s name and brief about him,
Grandmother’s mother and brief about her
Father’s name and about his profession or business,
mother name and brief about her,
Siblings name and about their education and Job,
Parental and maternal uncles and name of their spouse name
(You can skip their professional and business details and just conclude with writing they are well placed. If anyone is well placed, you can mention the details to make your profile more impressive and sound)
Residence details

Two or three best photographs

b) Business/Industrialist Families

  1. Business/Industrialist Families (middle class) and Nuclear families.
    The above format will work. You just have to you have the your work profile in your family business. Also business or factory address.
  2. Business/Industrialist Families (middle class) but Joint.
    In this you have to mention all parental relatives and their spouse name from the family. Also, don’t forget to add cousin details from paternal side. Maternal side details can be avoided.
  3. Business/Industrialist Family (middle class) family nuclear but business joint
    In this please add point 1 and 2 mentioned above and also the residence address below uncle’s name. At end of the profile, you have to write business details .
  4. Business/Industrialist Families Above Middle class or Renowned Name or Brand.
    Add all the 1, 2 and 3 above mentioned points. And add the points given below as well:

    Great Grand Father and Great Grand Mother about both of them.
    Charitable institution, business industries developed by them
    Details are added if family has history more than 50 years.
    Same details of Grand father and Grand Mother
    Uncles designation and your and your’s father designation in the family business group run by your family.

    (Also mention no. of Workers in industries. Group Worth or Turnover. Plant address corporate office address and nos of branches in India and abroad.)

Few things to be noted while making a profile specially in case of girl.
1). Please add work details of girls only if she is interested to continue work in future after marriage. As a working girl is still considered a negative point in business families. Mostly business families want that girl should join business and family in that.

Few things to be noted while selecting photos
1.) Photos should be decent and should be presentable in front of elders of the family.

2.) Photos of people who are average looking should not be filtered because photoshop-ed image can create unrealistic expectations in the mind of the person you are seeing. You can say there are few photos on FB or insta and ask them to check it out.

3). Public Profile of FB and other websites should be blocked. Ask your ward to remove pics of bars, pubs smoking drinking if there is any. Dress and other things doesn't really matter.

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Portfolio Photoshoot Preparation

It is important to know how your body feels when it is posed in an attractive manner.
Practice facial expressions in front of the mirror – learn how your face feels with a perfect smile – no gums, eyes open – not squinting.
Practice your poses in front of a mirror with clothes you want to wear on the shoot.