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    Create Beautiful Bio-Data & Resumes

    Welome to makebiodata.com

    One-click solutions to make biodata/Resume
    Here you can pick a template by Clicking Start Making Bio-data & Resume,
    To make a matrimonial, Job, Internship Profile.
    You can pick up minimalist and basic Bio-Data format or most elaborate, expressive one for Matrimonial, Marriage, Job, Internship Purpose
    We offer you well-formatted and professional templates for Matrimonial, Marriage, Job, Internship
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    How to Make Biodata For Marriage on Makebiodata ?

    Now making an elegant matrimonial profile or a professional resume is just the matter of few minutes.
    Step 1: Choose the bio-data template according to your preference. To make matrimonial, Job & Internship profile
    Step2: After selecting the template, you will see pre-filled biodata. Go through the biodata document to get hang of how to fill it up.
    Replace the text with your personal details.
    Click save as pdf and Viola! you are done. elaborate, expressive one.
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Select prefilled templates from the collection. You can choose Full ot Lite as you like.

After selection if you choose Full then replace the existing values, you can also add or remove fields.

you can save pdf or save and share.

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We are group of like minded professionals from IT, Photography and Human Resource. We start this organisation to fulfill the need of creating designer biodata for diffrenet purposes.